Monday, 25 May 2009

Totally hectic day!

Today is such a totally hectic day for us! We woke up a bit late, so we rushed and had our brunch in Rawang. After that, we went to Taman Tun to solat zohor at their tok's house. They were really ecstatic to see their cousins but I was only there to pray and get Sri's shoes for our sample. I even left Amir in the car because he was sleeping.

Then we went to Bangsar Shopping Village to make our shoes at one of the shops there. The boys were so active in the shop, I think the shop assistant was glad to see us go...hehehe. After that, I asked the kids what they would like to do, they decided to watch a movie.

Okay, then I drove to OneUtama. We were lucky because we managed to get a convenient parking spot (I'm really not good with parking!). Aliah wanted to watch 'a night at the museum 2' but I told her that we should watch that with their father and finally they agreed to watch 'X-men origins-wolverine'...yes! But the show was at 5.30 p.m... it was only 3 p.m then...

So, I brought them to 'Bata' shop to buy socks...because they're allowed to play at 'Starship Galactica' for a few hours. Of course I had to be there to supervise them...sigh...but, I had fun too...just watching them play. Actually, they've been wanting to go there for ages but so far, all their requests had been rejected...hehehe

Around 4.30 p.m, I asked them to stop playing and we stopped to have a drink first before going out. Then, we went to solat Asar. By 5.00 p.m, we're already at GSC, buying food for the hungry children. I bought so many things, hotdogs, fish n chips, nuggets, popcorn and drinks of course. While waiting for our time to go in, they gobbled down half of the things...hehehe

When we were settling in the cinema, the boys demanded their hotdogs and they had fun watching the trailers which include 'transformers 2'. While the older siblings sat quietly watching the movie, Amir couldn't stop himself from munching the popcorn...hehehe

Halfway through the movie, Amir was a bit restless, so I hugged him and soon he fell asleep. Hadi said he wanted to sleep but maybe the movie was so interesting that he managed to sit through the whole movie without sleeping. Aliah and me enjoyed the movie, of course.

The movie finished around 7.30 p.m, so we solat maghrib first before making our next move. I wanted to go straight back, but the kids wanted to eat at their favourite restaurant, Chillies...sigh. The boys ate pizza while kak long ate chips. I didn't order anything because I wasn't hungry. Later I joined them eating molten  chocolate cake...hehehe

Then, I drove home. Only Amir stayed awake, the other two were blissfully sleeping at the back. We arrived around 9 p.m. I forced them to have a shower and now the three of them are downstairs watching T.V...sigh... 

At the surau during maghrib, one of the ladies asked me how did I manage to handle those three kids on my own? I didn't have an answer then, but I think that I know the answer, now. It's not about 'handling' at all, it's about 'survival'. To be able to 'survive', I need their cooperation and they've been giving me full cooperation since the beginning... they're really good kids, actually...alhamdulillah. 

Now, I want to relax...for another day tomorrow...hehehe

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Fasri said...

Really full day eh? starship, movies, movie food, chillies, etc. enjoyle puas2.. nanti balik Sudan tak merasa semua tu