Sunday, 31 May 2009

Kenduri Pakcik Halim...

On Saturday, the 23rd of May, there was a wedding reception at Pakcik Halim's house. They had a gotong-royong since Friday. On Friday night, I went there to see what could I do. Apparently, all the onions and the chillies had safely been cut and sliced...hehehe. The ladies were only putting in eggs into the purple cases, so I just watched! Hehehe, well, there were too many people there already, okay?!! Instead, I helped Mimi to clean up.

Early the next morning, I went there to help them prepare all the vegetables for dalca and also acar. Soon, the other ladies joined in, alhamdulillah. I gave two peelers away to Mimi and also makcik (Noni's mother). Some of us helped Mimi and Fiza prepared the special dishes for the bride and groom. Since I have neither the skill nor the inclination to do that, I helped the others with cleaning up, again!  Hehehe

By 11 a.m, everything was nearly ready for guests and I took my leave. I rested for awhile at home and around 12 p.m, brought the kids to eat at the kenduri. After eating, I went home...hehehe. I didn't wait around to gossip or chat because I hardly know the neighbours and I was quite tired and I desperately needed a nap...hehehe

Where they did the cooking...

Special preparation for the bride and groom!

Mimi (in grey) looked tired!

I could only help by taking pictures...hehehe

The acar before being mixed!

Slicing the oranges...

Makcik Noriah, one of the cooks!

Ashraf, the manager...looking annoyed! Hehehe

Ayam masak merah!

From this angle, you could see my house...hehehe. That's why I couldn't run away!

Abg. Awang, the other cook!

Makcik cooking dalca...


What's left of the fruits! Hehehe...

A purple and white theme!


Fasri said...

nice to see that the BTP crowd still gathering and organising such kenduri's.. miss the company, not the work though..

Lee Novotny said...

Hi uols..merries yaamat kenduri kendara noh???? Kenapa tak jemput mak???? ***matilaa muka tak malu kulit badak sumbu hahahahha :P

Anyway thx for khatam cerita ceriti merapu mak.... kalau ada masa lagi singgahlah yek :)

take care and be happy di samping kuarga terchenta