Monday, 31 August 2009

Dubai : Day 4

In the morning, the kids went swimming for the last time. I was busy packing all our things. Luckily everything fit into the bags...hehehe.

One thing I noticed about Dubai was the lack of a proper address. Just look at the pizza box below.

Funny address...hehehe

They normally used the big landmark around the area. In this case, it was the Mall of the Emirates. It was the same when we wanted to go to our hotel, we had to say that it was behind the Mall of the Emirates, then look for other landmarks. I would simply get lost if I'm alone, luckily my husband's a much better navigator than me...hehehe

On the way to the airport I took some pictures. But I bet that in a year, the landscape would change dramatically. Even around our hotel, there was a lot of constructions going on. I was just wondering if those workers were given proper food and rest, especially during the scorching work conditions. Even for us, walking in and out of air-conditioned places felt that our brains were melting... couldn't imagined what it was like for those contract workers.

The jutting out bit was the Ski Dubai...

Mall of the Emirates...

Dubai tower...


nora muhammad said...

at least the address is in correct english... it's not as bad as the chinese english - found at great wall "talking mobile phones are prohibited" wat, the phones can talk? or at ya dao market "please report on any harrassing booths.." the booth can harrass ppl?!! or found in a hotel - "the hotel management will eject any uninvited guests" hahaha

Manoj Sharma said...

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