Friday, 28 August 2009

Packed car!

Only Hadi's legs could be seen! Hehehe...

On the 3rd of August, my husband had an official business in KLCC and he left very early in the morning by train. Around 10 am, I drove with the kids to KLCC. The car was packed with our stuff! We're sending about 80% of our things through Subalipak. Aliah sat in front with Amir, leaving Hadi to sit at the back...hehehe. Sometimes, when I took a corner too fast, some of the things would fall onto Hadi...hehehe

I'm sure you're wondering what were some of the stuff. To tell you the truth, I couldn't recall all of them. I remembered books, stuff I bought from Bagus, some tupperware, the yogurt maker etc. Even though, between us we had about 160kg allowance on the flight to Khartoum but we decided to send all the 'dry' items through Subalipak, leaving space for some 'wet' stuff...hehehe.

In KLCC, while waiting for my husband, I managed to 'squeeze' a little shopping escapade. I only bought some innerware for Kak Long and a toy each for the kids. When my husband reached us, he looked darkly at the shopping bags with me...hehehe

After that we went to settle Ayang's motorcyle. We went to Jalan Changkat Thambi Dollah to find the shop and get the release letter for Amanah Raya to proceed with things. We had a 'sesat barat' session around that area. Finally, we got it. Alhamdulillah.

Then off we went to find Subalipak somewhere around the HUKM area. Don't ask me where, because I seriously could not recall the name of the place. After another sesat barat session, we uploaded all our stuff there. Maybe it would be packed into 7 to 8 boxes, we'll just wait and see. I don't even know when it's going to arrive in Khartoum. Hopefully before raya because all the instant ketupat were inside...hehehe

From Subalipak, we dropped by at a lawyer's office to get some forms somewhere around brickfields. The kids were already sleeping by this time. The office was so small and we were lucky to be able to find it! We brought the forms back to Taman Tun and rest for a little while before we made the trip back to Rawang. 

We spent the night packing. I was a bit shocked, I didn't know we've acquired so many clothes in the last three months...sob, sob. The next morning we continued packing and alhamdulillah we managed to fit everything inside all our bags! Though by that time, I was ready to accept that if we've forgotten something, just let it be... Pasrah konon, or more like just couldn't care anymore! Hehehe...

From Rawang we went to Taman Tun, leaving behind 2 bags and a stroller for my neighbour and my brother to bring with them to KLIA. Our car was already packed with stuff! Just look at the picture...hehehe. As soon as we reached Taman Tun, we packed all the frozen items and sealed them. We were quite happy with the result because we knew that we didn't go over the weight limit. We were just worried about the weight of the black bag, we worried that it'll be more than 32kg. 

Hadi and Aliah at one corner of the car!

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i love reading your blog....emmm you are a good writer.No wonder you had been choose as officer at MPM...hehehe.