Monday, 17 August 2009

A trying day!

On Thursday the 30th, I drove to KL to finally close Ayang's ASB account at PNB. I ventured out of Rawang around 10.30am and as usual was stuck at Jalan Tun Razak for at least half an hour. There was a traffic halt at the other side of the road. I finally reached PNB building around 12 pm using very clear directions from Zali and Ema.

When I arrived at the parking, I was so glad to have the assistance from the 'guard' for easy parking spot and also clear directions of where to go. I really appreciate the help. The counter service was quite efficient but I was told that we couldn't claim the khairat kematian because it was more than six months from the date of death. We were told to fill up forms and went downstairs to see another officer. Our forms were okay but they needed to be signed infront of the commissioner of oath and duty stamped. I bought the duty stamp there but the nearest CO was quite far. So, I decided to go to Selayang Magistrate Court.

On our way back, we were stucked in a jam at the same place. Luckily Mamud was driving so I could take pictures. I only knew days later that it was caused by the group fight at the MIC building. I thought it was the ISA rally.

Terrible jam!

I could see the FRU below...

Before going to the Court, I went to MPS to pay our parking summons for the Wira. There were two summons, one for rm60 and the other rm100. It seemed that if you go and pay before the date, you can appeal and it'll automatically be halved. So, instead of paying rm160, I paid only rm80. Not bad, huh?

We reached Selayang Court just when it's about to open for the afternoon session. I found Kak Minah (my old neighbour), who's also the clerk there. I filled up all the necessary form inside the office...hehehe. Kak Ros helped to sign the forms but she asked us to go to the land office to get it stamped. Alahai, one after the other... Why can't they be in the same building for everyone sake?!!

Luckily the Sultan Sulaiman's building's very near. But the problem was visitor's were not allowed to enter with a vehicle. I had to walk inside and left the kids in the car under the hot sun?!! I was really pissed off because there was a lot of parking space inside! The receptionist was not really friendly but I got the correct direction to go to the stamping dept. 

The 'icing' on the cake was when the officer in charged asked me to buy the duty stamp (for the Amanah Raya documents) at the post office! And the nearest PO was at Selayang Mall!! After that I had to go back to the land office to have it stamped! Why couldn't they sell the duty stamps at the land office? And why did they need to have a separate officer just to put a stamp on a 'stamp'?!!

I was really harsh with the officer. Poor man... I really hate dealing with government offices where we're asked to go here and everywhere to complete a task! couldn't they let us know before hand and prepare us mentally of what the steps are?!! Isn't it mind boggling that the stamps are sold at the PO, stamped at land office and signed at Mahkamah?!! I let go a barrage of curses at the poor man. But I was really hot and 'bothered'! 

We went to Selayang mall and bought the stamp (duty stamp of rm10). For that piece of stamp I had to wait nearly 45 minutes! My goodness, it was really not my day! The people working at the counter were really slow! There were 4 windows but only 2 were operable! From the post office, we went back to the land office.

After the document was stamped, I gave the young officer a PapaRoti mexican bun. I told him, "...kerana berhemah". He smiled. I was really impressed with him because he didn't say anything when I ranted earlier. I wasn't angry with him but with the system! Anyway, it was already 4.15 pm and instead of going back to PNB, we decided to go back to Rawang. It's such a tiring day...all because of bureaucracy!

The long walk from the gate!

The guards!

The sign's for ordinary car but if you drive a merc, you could just wave your hand to the guards?!!

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