Saturday, 8 August 2009

I'm back!!!

I'm back in Khartoum from a 3 month long holiday... Was a bit surprised when I realised that I consider Khartoum as my 'home' for now...hehehe.

As usual, the weather was hot but it's not as hot as Dubai, luckily. The house was dusty and I haven't unpack most of the things properly...sigh.

I also just realised that this is my 301 entry... hehehe. Glad to say that Hadi finally slept in his own room but Amir still refused to sleep with Hadi...hehehe

This is just a random ramblings actually. Too tired to think and write at the same time... So, hopefully I'll be able to write a better entry tomorrow. Ciao!


Sizuka said...

alhamdulillah engkau dah sampai sudan dengan selamat.

rozana said...

Selamat memasak dan menjadi suri sepenuh masa kembali he..he..he..(ni aku gelak evil kat ko lak)