Monday, 3 August 2009

Erkkk!!! Packing?!!

I'm supposed to be packing our things to go back to Sudan tonight. But I'm having a say the least. I've run out of luggage space?!! Erkkkk?!! How am I going to fit everything into my bags?!! I could leave some of the clothes behind but by the time we come back next year, I'm sure the kids would not be able to fit into them anymore...sigh. 

What to do?!! I think I'd better try and do my best before my husband see me wasting my time blogging...hehehe. Ciao! 


edrina said...

masalah yg sama intan hadapi masa kat US ari tu lol :-)

rozana said...

Senyap je.. Selamat packing! Moga semua muat dan selamat

Ina said...

Dear Intan,

In the end, apa yang tak muat beg, tinggalkan aje... aku pasrah...hehehe


Alhamdulillah, semuanya 140 kg...kitorang punya allowance adalah 200kg... so siap ada 60 kg utk shopping kat Dubai...yehooo!