Friday, 11 September 2009


Hadi's already 5 years old. Now he's in Reception in Little Friends. He loved being in school but waking him up every morning's pure torture...sigh. When he was in pre-reception, my husband used to give him a bath in the morning but now he insisted to do it himself.

It would take some time for him to 'warm up'. He would insist that the bathroom light be switched off and took his time sitting on the toilet bowl. This would last from 5 to 10 minutes depending on how much time he had that morning. Only after his 'bertafakur' session would he shower, which would normally be shorter than the 'tafakur' session...hehehe

On Sunday the 16th, his second week of school, I had a scare. I nearly had a heart attack when we discovered that he didn't do his homework. There was no homework when he was in Pre-reception, so I didn't check his bag. Only when Kak Long opened his bag before going to school, we discovered the homework. 

So, I forced him to do it then and there, under our watchful eyes (Kak long and mine). Aliah was of course 'happy' that he was in trouble...hehehe. Anyway, he took his time in doing those alphabets while I was fidgeting. I've never had any problem with Kak Long before. She would always come back home and straightaway tell me if she has any homework. It seemed I have to take a different approach with Hadi, I have to ransack his bag everytime he comes home! Hehehe

Now, I've discovered that at his level, homework would be given once a week, every thursday. So, now I know, I'll be in the look out for his homework and make sure sits beside him when he's doing it. Otherwise, he'll get distracted. He has reading everyday too and he would whine if I ask him to read more than once...sigh. I also discovered that he loves reading but when it comes to writing, he'll get agitated...sigh. 

Last year, the teachers had trouble with him in school but this year, we have yet to receive any news about him in school. So, I consider 'no news' as 'good news'...hehehe. Just look at him that morning (his uniform's not ready yet at the time). In my panic, I still had time to take pictures on that morning...hehehe

He was concentrating...

He's starting to get tired...hehehe

He knew I was taking his pictures...hehehe


a kl citizen said...


ina, budak lelaki memang perangai lebih kurang sama je bila bab homework ni kan...samalah macam hero kat rumah saya tu

just me said... waaaaaaa...!
afiq's the same. making him study or work on his assignment is pure torture too. always send me at the peak of my voice! terkinja kinja, terlompat lompat, berlari sana sini, dok sat nak minum ler, nak buang air le, nak check adik ler etc. he hardly sits n concentrate except if he has arts project. sigh.
tiket dah lama beli, 2 oct balik wooo!
tapi 2 minggu bagi 3 tpt, plah, bachok, bangi. camno nak ziarah n shopping tu?

Ina said...

Dear kl citizen,

Ye ke? Alahai...

Dear Mie,

Itu la pasal...sigh...