Thursday, 10 September 2009

Yeay! Yeay! Yeay!

I'm sorry because the title sounds so juvenile. Hehehe. But today is the 20th Ramadhan and I already 'khatam' the quran! Yeay! Yeay! Yeay! I'm so happy! 

It's been awhile since I khatam the al-quran. Since I have kids, I seldom could khatam the al-quran during Ramadhan. Normally I would only khatam during tadarus at the office but not as an individual, not for a very long time. Last year I was busy moping around and only managed to read surah yassin every night for my brother and parents. 

This year I really tried my best. I took the calculation in an email about how to khatam in a month, just by reading 4 pages every waktu solat. I took it a little bit further, if I had time on my hands, I read the quran and alhamdulillah, I did it today. Yeay! I want to sedekah to my mak, ayah and Ayang. Semoga mereka tergolong dikalangan orang2 mukmin. Amin...

I 'sort' of had a 'race' with my husband. I would normally lose to him for the past few years, when he would 'khatam' every Ramadhan. I'm a very competitive person even when reading the quran...hehehe. In the first week, we would read in the same room but the 'pressure' gets to me. I even secretly 'peeked' at his page number to make sure that I'm ahead...hehehe. I would also refused to go shopping for groceries because I would used the time to read the quran...hehehe.

It is so satisfying to 'khatam' this early. Now I could concentrate on other things, baking cookies and SHOP! I've been very good this Ramadhan. I haven't been going to the souks because I was also concentrating with the group tadarus of Block A. We're already in juzuk 25, alhamdulillah...

And I've been neglecting this blog for awhile. Now, I have the time to blog! Yeay! Hehehe... I'm really, really chuffed! Do forgive me if I sounded 'riak' or anything. I'm not! I just couldn't contain my happiness...Alhamdulillah. 

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edrina said...

Wow bestnya! Congrats Mak Long :-)