Tuesday, 29 September 2009

Second day raya... at Ina's house

The dinner slot for second day of raya was initially taken by Kak Anum/Ipin but two days before raya, they decided to go back to Malaysia. So I persuaded Ina/Budin to have theirs on that night (theirs was supposed to be lunch on the third day)...hehehe.

So, we went to their house after isya'. It was full of guests. Hadi was happy to be able to eat soup. Actually it was soto...hehehe. I had the best time chatting with others and I stayed back when most of the guests went back. So, I had ample time to taste her cookies. My favourite was pea's biscuits...really nice... really delicious.

Hadi was eating the soto...

Su and Nicky's baby...

Those who 'over-stayed'...hehehe

The varieties of cookies...

The delicious cookie!

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