Tuesday, 15 September 2009

My first terawih...

We started our terawih prayers on the 21st of August. I've missed terawih prayers for many years now as the kids were so young before. Now, Amir's already three, so I thought I could give it a go. I came early so, I got to be on the first saf, alhamdulillah. 

Aliah was praying with her friends at the back. Amir was forced to sit behind the girls, on his own. My husband brought Hadi to the men's side. So, I thought everything would be allright. The other boys were playing all sorts of games in front of the ladies section as there was a wooden partition separating the two sections. 

After isyak, I sort of pitied the melancholic Amir and called him to the front. As soon as he glimpsed his brother, he decided to join Hadi...sigh. This was when the trouble started. Divided they're weak, united they stand! Amir started giggling and I knew trouble was brewing. The other boys were running around but my two boys played only with each other.

During terawih, while we were standing upright (Kak Liza next to me), the wooden partition fell...right smack on our chest! I knew it was my boys because Hadi came to put it back again. Even though I'm not wearing my glasses, I definitely knew the culprits were my two boys...sigh. That also showed how 'unkhusyuk' I was...hehehe.

I just couldn't wait for the prayers to be over. I was afraid of other things that they could get up to...sigh. So, that's the end of terawih for me this year. That's the one and only terawih that I did throughout this Ramadhan because I felt that I'd better off staying at home and read the quran while letting my husband go to terawih...sigh. Hopefully I'll do better next year, insyaallah. 

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