Monday, 29 June 2009

An action-packed day!

On thursday, the 25th of of June, we went to Damansara Specialist to see our kids' paediatrician, Dr. Azizi. Because of the hectic life that we led, I've been neglecting the boys health...sigh. Amir and Hadi had been experiencing continued coughing and cold for more than 3 weeks. I brought them to the clinic nearby but their health was not improved significantly.

We like Dr Azizi because he's such a laidback specialist. But I hate going to his clinic because of the long wait, sometimes worse than a government hospital! We arrived around 10 am, we only got to see him about 2 and a half hours later! Fortunately, they had free wifi, so I could blog-hop freely...hehehe

Around 12.45 pm, we headed towards OneUtama, hoping that we could watch Transformers together with my husband before he fly back to Sudan. Angah said that at the Curve, the wait was about 2 weeks.  Once there, I managed to secure 10 seats for the movie, including Angah and his family. By popular demand, Transformers was screened in 6 theathers simultaneously. 

We chose to watch it at 3 o'clock, so we had ample time to pray and eat lunch. Angah came about 2.30 pm and we proceed to the theater with six bouncing kids on tow! Hehehe. Afiq and Hadi matched their fathers enthusiasm for Transformers!

What do I think about the movie? Watchable but not as fantastic as the first movie definitely. The CGI effects were fabulous, of course but the storyline was a little bit weak. But we enjoyed watching it all the same, especially the kids because they got to watch it with their cousins.

After the movie, we went back to Taman Tun and later rushed back to Tasik Puteri after maghrib to pick up our laundry... Alhamdulillah...


a kl citizen said...

wah..ada bakat jadi film reviewer

xplorer said...

did you buy the yik mun pau at one utama?