Sunday, 28 June 2009

Pulau Perhentian : Day 2

After breakfast the following morning, we prepared to go on a boat ride going round the islands. For your info, we stayed at Perhentian Island Resort and on the life jacket on the boat was written P.I.R... I thought to myself that if the letters were the other way round, it'll become R.I.P (Rest in Peace!)...hehehe

The island that we stayed on was a marine eco-park, so it's protected. Uncle Muda said that it's even more beautiful than Tioman. Since I've never been to Tioman, I'll reserve my comment. But I do agree that it was really beautiful. The wonderful scenery itself could make me 'drool' and not many things could make me 'drool' except for food, of course!

The main reason we hired the boat was for snorkeling. Me? Snorkeling?!! Hehehe, it was definitely not my idea, ok! I relished the thought that 'somebody' would have to stay with the kids on the boat...hehehe. The boat we hired arrived around 9.30 am and we were equipped with life jackets and snorkeling gear. 

The tricky bit was getting in and out of the boat (for my husband and me, of course!). We became the butt of jokes so many times...sigh. Well, we were the heaviest there, what to do?!! Anyway, the first stop was at 'long beach' where all the night activities were. This is where we learn how to use the snorkeling gear. I was kinda afraid to say the least even though the life jacket acted as a float, I would freak whenever my feet loses touch with the ground. 

After several tries, I managed to 'snorkel' on my own but I find it really funny listening to my own breathing...hehehe. To my ears, I sounded like 'Darth Vader' in star wars! And when I started thinking, I started laughing and let me tell you... laughing when you have the snorkeling apparatus would make the water rushed in... And of course, I would start panicking... I'm truly hopeless, I tell you.

After the others were ready, we made our move to 'shark point'. This is where sharks sometimes were sighted. And we were lucky that day because another scout told us that there was sharks around. Do you think we would snorkel there? No way, jose! If the shark got me, it'll feast for a week! Hehehe. But the area was really wonderful, with beautiful corals and since we brought with us some bread (not bread crumbs, mind you), a few pieces of sandwich bread... the kids fed the fish and it was remarkable!

Lots of fish came up to take our offering and they came in droves, beautiful, beautiful sight to behold. I wish I could capture the moments but it was etched strongly in my mind... it was like 'living' the moments in a national geographic movie...sigh... Uncle Muda dived in to snorkel there, but the rest of us 'cower' in fear of the unknown...

After that, we were taken to a place where the fishermen got their fresh water supply... there was a small waterfall and gave the supply of fresh water from the mountains and the water was cold and delicious! There was a legend of the place but I didn't really know the story, sorry. The others went snorkeling in the area and there were shouts of joy when they saw lots of fish. For me, I'd rather be with the kids playing sand...hehehe. 

Finally, they asked me to go in and what the heck, I went snorkeling too. Seriously, I didn't see anything... it must be because I had to leave my glasses behind and what could I see?!! I'm shortsighted, ok?!! My husband fared worst because his sight was worse than mine. The power for one eye alone was 1000!! Another thing that I didn't like about the place was the fact that there were a lot of sharp objects or stones at the bottom of the sea. So for a 'land lover' like me, trying to stand on sharp objects while pretending to love to snorkel was a hard act! Hehehe...

After that, we went to a 'turtle point' and we were lucky because we could sight some sea turtles. The men dived in including my husband but all he could see was a big blob of a dark object under the water...hehehe. I was amazed at the ability of Yahya, our guide because he could spot a turtle from afar...really amazing! By this time, the kids were getting restless and we made our way to the chalet.

When we were scrambling to get out of the boat with kids and everything else we carried (bottles of water, towels etc), we were greeted with so many 'sh!' sound?!! What the ****? It seemed that we came in at an unfortunate time, a movie crew was filming! Right infront of our chalet, can you believe it?!! I met Hans Isaac, the director... He was truly handsome in person...hehehe

We found out later that he's filming a tv series which titled I couldn't remember with Julia Hana, Harun Salim Bachik and a few others. They've been there nearly 3 weeks and they still have nearly 2 more weeks of filming. So, my husband got to see live movie action while I was busy 'handling' the kids. I just had to make sure we were quiet, silap haribulan could hear me shouting at the kids in the background! Hehehe.

After lunch, the kids watched 'Madagascar' while I slept like a log! It seemed that my husband let Natrah out because she said she wanted to go to her room but instead of going there, she went in another direction, towards the cafe. Luckily the staff was kind enough to bring her to our room, crying. 

In the afternoon, we played in the water again. I loved the beach infront of our chalet because it was full of sand, not rocks. And about 100 metres from land, we have beautiful corals, full of fish. It seemed that if there's corals, there'll be fish around because the fish feed on corals. I tried snorkeling again. This time I even used my own style! Hehehe. 'Menonggeng' style...hehehe. Instead of floating, I just bend down into the water and what do you know, I saw lots of fish. One even bit my hand!! Naughty fish! Hehehe. After that, I just played with the smaller kids, satisfied that 'I've done that!'

Later that night, the kids watched 'Beverly Hills Chihuahua' while I suffered from 'internet breakdown!' I tried the wifi at the lobby, there was no connection... I even tried their cyber cafe and was ready to pay when I discovered that their server was down...sigh... My daughter and my husband even watched 'the Mummy III' while I was busy dreaming of internet connection...Zzzzzz


just me said...

Bestnya! I ask my husb to consider going there too when we get back, know what he says? "we dun have time for that coz u always have to many relative to visit". Ya lah, usually, we went back only for a week. nak spend masa ngan parents, gi umah mak jang, umah lim, shopping , umah nenek. mana ade masa kan. Takpa, now I'm not working, hopefully we can make it (baby besar sikit).
btw, we went snorkelling at pulau payar, langkawi before. manage to 'play' with little but fierce shark. the trick is, when u feed them, nevertarik balik tangan, or else, they'll bite u. there's schools n schools of beautiful fish there too n they all come around you when you feed them. just make sure u get the right boat or tourist operator. because last time, we have to get into smaller boat from a bigger one to get to the diving/snorkeling point n jetty. It was quite scary to jump from one to the other when the both are rocking with strong n dark colour wave. Lucky, Afiq got transfered without any untoward incident.

Ina said...


Memang best Pulau Perhentian tu... best sangat2