Friday, 19 June 2009

Bertandang - Day 2

When the kids woke up, they wanted to straightaway went to the swimming pool which we could see from our room. We obliged them after breakfast. They liked it so much because it had a kiddy pool. We found out from the porter of the hotel that Casuarina Ipoh's the only hotel owned by the state government but now managed by the son-in-law of the Sultan. It is the only hotel in Ipoh not owned by Chinese.

Anyway, we made our move out of Ipoh. Somewhere near 'Kg. Seterus', I started to drive. It was quite a nice drive, I arrived in Gerik at 1 p.m, reached Teluk Banding 45 minutes later. I was supposed to stop at the Hutan Belum rest area but because I was driving too fast, I missed the turning. So around 2 p.m I stopped at Titiwangsa rest area where my husband prayed zohor.

He drove all the way to KB. But near Tanah Merah, we were involved in a massive traffic jam. There was a very bad road accident involving at least 3 cars. We were stucked there at least 45 minutes, not moving...sigh... We had to wait for an ambulance and the fire truck to arrive, so it must be very bad.

We finally arrived in KB around 5 p.m where we stopped to have lunch at the new horizon. I was so hungry that I didn't have time to take pictures...hehehe. On our way out (there's only the way to the left), a motorcyle 'banged' straight at us! Luckily he didn't hit my side, only infront, at our bumper...sigh. Terpaksa guna semangat Trengganu kat sini...mujo tak mati...hehehe. I'll try to update with photos later.

We kind of 'pity' the motorcyclist, a pakcik on his way home. He kept on saying sorry because it was his fault. First because he was riding at a wrong traffic flow and he was not looking infront. He was also not wearing any helmet and we kind of pity him because some of the kueh in his motorcycle were all over the road...sigh. But it was fate, dah nak jadi, what to do. So we're currently driving with a bumper hanging out...hehehe

We arrived at Hotel Temenggong before maghrib...Alhamdulillah.


a kl citizen said...

wah dugaan betul kenduri and bertandang ni ya...

Ina said...

Dear klcitizen,

Bak kata orang Trengganu, mujo dok kena kat passenger's side, kalo tak lagi teruk...Alhamdulillah.