Thursday, 25 June 2009

Pictures at Wakaf Che Yeh

As promised, here are the pictures taken in Wakaf Che Yeh, Kota Bharu. I first got to know about Wakaf Che Yeh from a friend. Then I asked Ila (Man's wife) to bring me there (this was more than 3 years ago). From the first time I went there, I was hooked. I loved being there, even though I didn't know how to haggle...hehehe

Whenever I'm in KB, I would go there. The first few times, I went with Ila but later, I would go on my own. I learnt how to talk like a Kelantanese and I liked to walk around first before I'll settle on the best price. Hehehe... I love the vibrant feeling of the 'night market'... This time round I found these two salesgirls, they're sisters and the stall's owned by their family. They're kinda sweet, so I chose to spend all my money there...hehehe

I even asked adik to get their numbers so, it'll be easier for us to find them next time. For your info, the location of the market had been changed at least 3 times already. It used to be on a field way back at wakaf che yeh, but now it's nearer to the main road. Parking would be a hassle but they do have parking spaces along the road. 

One of the things I like about these sellers is that they're always changing the trend. I used to like tudung bawal with a little bit of sulam at the edges, then they have kerawang, now they have crystal flowers on it. Really beautiful...hehehe. They also have an 'obama' tudung as well, those with really shiny stones at the edges...hehehe

I had to take a picture of the 'obama' tudung...hehehe

In every colour that you want....

The sweet girls...

Adik's last outing with the girls...hehehe

The latest design!

I was going crazy! Hehehe...

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