Saturday, 20 June 2009

Bertandang - Day 3

Yesterday, we went to Mak Su's house in Bachok. Finally we were able to see Pak Su who had a fall sometime in January. He was quite thin but in high spirit. He used to be a teacher in Bachok but since his stroke nearly 10 years ago, he suffered in his speech. Mak Su as usual talked more for the both of them...heheheh (Jangan marah Mie!)

Soon after we arrived, mummy and daddy also arrived from Kuala Trengganu. The first thing that daddy said to us?!! He scolded us and said that we had the accident because we didn't inform mummy where we were?!! As usual, during this sort of episode, we just kept quiet... not because we were at fault, it's just easier and 'shorter' to keep our mouth shut...hehehe... Kalo kitorang mati, baru padan muka!! Dah takde sapa nak marah, baru tahu!

The kids had fun playing with Halim and Aida's kids in their room. After zohor we had lunch at MakSu's house and then made our way to Kota Bharu. As usual we left not empty-handed, Maksu gave us creampuffs and also kueh. Plus a ridsect!! Hehehe, because we've seen several cockroaches in the hotel... Well, what do you expect, it's a budget hotel, ok?!! Hehehe

Angah and Sri arrived before Asar and the kids were happy to see their cousins. My husband and I were happy because finally we could surf the net because Angah got the travel modem, yeay! Finally I could write my blog...hehehe. Sri and I tried to go the shops around the area around 6 p.m. but nearly 90% of shops were closed on fridays...sigh.

After maghrib, we went to have dinner in Sun Two, a chinese restaurant within walking distance from our hotel. The food was delicious and the company was great...hehehe... I'll update with pictures later, insyaallah. Sun Too used to be a trendy spot in KB in the 60's and 70's.

After dinner, Sri wanted to go to Wakaf Che Yeh while I was a bit reluctant. My husband said why don't we all go... Hmm, pucuk dicita ulam mendatang ler...hehehe. Adik also followed us...hehehe. The kids and their fathers stayed in the car and watched Nemo.

The ladies had fun shopping. Well, I had fun shopping...hehehe. They have a new sort of sulam, with crystal flowers. All in all. I bought 15 pieces and I got one free tudung as well...hehehe. That's why I didn't want to go in the first place, I knew I'll buy a lot because it's quite cheap there. Tudung kain bawal in KL would cost us around rm40-50 if not more, here we could get it around rm20 - rm30. Normally I don't just buy for myself, I'll be buying for other people as well. So around 11 p.m we went back to the hotel.


just me said...

glad to know you all visited my parents. Abah definately was so happy to welcome all of you n adik in 'kelatan' family.

wah! borong sakan yak, mie yg ore kelate pun tak pernah gi pasir tumbuh tu. n hw do u get that price? mie tanya kat pasar, hardly any cost rm 50 n below yg latest n cantik2 tu. tu pasal ler pening tak tahu nak beli kat mana. tak leh jadi ni, kena pi gak bila kami balik nt.

Ina said...

Dear Mie,

That's one of the reasons why we started our journey earlier. So that we have time to visit relatives, especially your father.

Kak Ina siap mintak contact number tukang jual tudung tu... Next time bila nak pegi, telephone dulu... Nanti kak Ina upload pictures, insyaallah...