Saturday, 27 June 2009

Pulau Perhentian : Day 1

On 22nd of June, we made our way to Pulau Perhentian, Trengganu. The kids didn't know that we've planned a family vacation to the beautiful island, it was a surprise for them. So, early in the morning of our departure, they were woken up by a yell of, 'Surprise! We're going to an island! Go and have a shower!' . The trick worked, I tell you... I've never seen my kids went into the shower 'that fast' and the most important, without whining from Hadi and grumbling from Aliah...Hehehe

We had breakfast of nasi dagang, of course. But to my dismay, I discovered that my camera's running out of battery... and the charger was left somewhere in Rawang...sob, sob! I took so many pictures the day before that naturally the battery became weak...sigh

We started our journey around 9 am and drove through the Tok Bali road. We arrived in Kuala Besut quite early, around 11 am because our boat was not until 12 pm. I've never been to Pulau Perhentian before so I was excited. We minimised our luggage and just brought enough clothes for the 3 days. 

Soon we got on the speed boat and it was just 'nice' for 8 adults and 6 kids... my in-laws, Auntie Nah and Uncle Muda, Angah's family and our family. Once on the boat everyone scrambled for a life-jacket...hehehe. I definitely did not know how to swim, I could only hope my 'fat' would keep me afloat long enough for someone to save me...hehehe

Anyway, the journey was quite rough, with lots of bumps along the way. Felt like an extended roller coaster ride at times. But everyone was in high spirit because we're looking forward to the holiday. It took nearly 40 minutes of speed boat ride to the island and I saw my MIL kept on berdoa all the way...hehehe

The day was bright and clear. We arrived around 12 pm but the first thing that I noticed was the fact that the water was so clear...and green...and I could even see the bottom of the ocean. The view was breathtaking to say the least!

Our package was complete with 3 meals a day, so while waiting for our room to be cleared, we waited at the cafe. We waited and waited and waited somemore. Around 1 p.m. we had lunch and after that we waited somemore. The kids got restless and I sighed a breathe of relief when we finally got our room before 2 pm. 

We had a four-room chalet, just nice for everyone. Angah and our room were just next to each other. The view was spectacular and the room was comfortable (it had a twin-single beds, so we asked for another two beds). The only dissapointment was the lack of internet connection. There was a wifi at the lobby but was not very reliable. But the kids were a bit horrified because there was no TV in the room...hehehe! I guess the purpose of being there was not to be cooped up in our room!

We had a siesta in the afternoon and around five pm, let the kids out for a swim infront of our chalet. Actually not just the kids, the adults also joined in the fun. It was truly a wonderful experience, it's really beautiful with white sandy beach and bluish-green water. We could see corals only about  100 metres from the edge of the water. Uncle Muda was snorkeling around in deeper water because he was a good swimmer. Me? I gladly took the duty of watching the kids at the water's edge...hehehe

We came in only just before maghrib and by that time, everyone's hungry. After dinner all six kids came to our room to watch 'Bolt' on our laptop. I zonked out really early, I didn't even realised when they went back to their room...hehehe
Ready to start their journey, still in Temenggong Hotel, KB

Having breakfast...


nora muhammad said...

i went to pulau perhentian in 2007 with my english club kids. can still remember the back ache i got when we were on the speedboat.we were at pulau besar, and it was a bit spooky. so...any interesting stories?

xplorer said...

i was looking foward for your pic in pulau perhentian but sadly your battery gone Kaput

a kl citizen said...

ruginya takde gambar..sebab tak pernah gi pulau perhentian ni

Ina said...


Seriously aku tak tahu nama pulau tu...hehehe. Aku cuma tahu nama resort tu, Perhentian Island Resort... You're right, sakit pinggang naik speed boat tu...hehehe

Ina said...

Dear Xplorer and klcitizen,

You guys should go here, truly amazing sight. Best sangat2...

Kalau ada rezeki, memang nak pegi lagi... with a camera this time round...hehehe