Sunday, 28 June 2009

Pulau Perhentian : Day 3

Hadi, Aliah and Amir

The above picture was the one and only photo taken on our holiday at Perhentian Island...sigh. You could see the green water and the darker spots contained corals. The picture was taken at the jetty while waiting for our boat. Hadi and Aliah were holding pieces of bread to be given to the fishes. At first, there were only small fishes but when Hadi and Aliah left us, bigger fishes came near and we got to see again so many colourful fishes...hehehe

On our last day there, we spent it by maximizing our time in water in the morning. I was very proud of my daughter because she was brave enough to learn how to float and swim within the 3 days. I think the grandparents were happy to have her around, too. Maybe they missed not having adik around, but at least they got a granddaughter to spoil...hehehe

The island's really amazing and I hope I could go again, someday. Especially because my camera run out of battery and I wish I could capture all the wonderful sights around the island. We packed our stuff by 10.30 am and the kids and me walked to the jetty to feed the fish. I was happy because I got to see lots of fish just before we headed back to the mainland. 

I would strongly recommend everyone to go to the island, but remember to bring some food stuff as well because the shop there was really expensive. Pringles was sold for rm11 per container, while other crisps ranged from rm3.50-5.50 per packet. There were other smaller chalets also around the islands so probably you could check out the rates on the internet.

We arrived in Kuala Besut around 12 pm. While waiting for my husband to get the car, I managed to buy some souvenirs for the kids (fridge magnets and ship in a bottle for the boys which Amir promptly broken in KT...sigh). We drove straight to Kuala Trengganu to have lunch. My in-laws brought us to ICT Hj Pok Su near the airport. ICT stands for Ikan Celup Tepung, okay...hehehe. We were the first customers at 2.15 pm. so everything was fresh and delicious...hehehe

On the way there, I could see the infamous collapsed stadium! It looked really bad from afar. How I wish I had my camera with me...sigh. After lunch, we went our separate ways. Uncle Muda to teluk kalong, my in-laws with Angah and family to KL and us?!! We had a separate agenda. We wanted to spend another night in Kuantan...hehehe... a free and easy journey...

We went to the kerepok lekor stall in Gong?!! Tok Beng. I didn't buy any keropok there (now I wish I had!). Then we went to Chabang Tiga looking for 'roti paung' but couldn't find the shop...sigh... We bought some keropok lekor in Losong but it was not that good, tasted more starchy than fishy, unfortunately. After that we went to pray at Masjid Kuala Ibai where we met Angah and the others again...hehehe

Around 4 pm, we drove towards Dungun to Ayah Su and Che' Su's house. We arrived around 5.30 pm. Che Su mentioned that she could bring me to the 'Hilyah' shop near her house. I jumped at the opportunity to shop! Hehehe. There was a little incident before we went, my husband fell down (tersembam!) because he didn't see the small drain at the porch of Che Su's house...sigh... My husband, the klutz!!! Luckily, he was okay, just winded. 

When we arrived at the Hilyah shop, I went crazy, of course. I even had Ayah Su to send Aliah over to try her blouses...hehehe. So, we pushed off from their house around 6.30 and it was getting dark. Instead of going to Kuantan and find a hotel there, I persuaded my husband to check out Awana Kijal instead.


Fasri said...

congrats on ur 250th post.. quite a lenghty one.. U hv to get the photos from Angah since most of it is in his camera

Aina@Azila said...

I pulak teringin sangat nak ke Pulau Perhentian huhuhu.... Dah beberapa kali plan tapi tak jadi. Show more pics @ Pulau Perhentian please....*sorry demand pulak. jgn marah ya ;D

FYI, actually I selalu gak drop by kat blog ni, cuma malas nak tinggalkan note hihihi...

Ina said...

Dear husband,

Thanks, I tak perasan pulak dah banyak entries...hehehe..

Ina said...

Dear Azila,

Apo nak dikato, itulah aje sekeping gambar yang ada... I lupa bawak charger untuk camera tu... melopong ajelah jawabnya...hehehe

Memang patut you pegi ngan husband ke pulau perhentian tu...mesti romantik abis...hehehe