Monday, 8 June 2009

Brape dik?!! Part 3...

This afternoon, I went to Sri Munawarah Boutique in Taman Tun. My only reason was to check out their tudung collection (just in case if we don't like the tudung made by zie).

The first shop that I went to, did not have a good potential...hehehe. Everything was very simple and quite plain, but I was willing to consider them because they were not that expensive...well, it was below the hundred ringgit budget range...hehehe

Then, I went to the shop next door. There, I found many things that I like but those beautiful 'abaya' were way beyond my budget and I knew I could get them much cheaper in Dubai. I walked past a row of long skirts but was a little bit afraid to ask... But I really liked a beautiful black skirt with a lacy finish and when I asked the salesgirl, she said."...90", I asked, "Brape dik?" and when she said, "rm90', I was hooked.

It was quite cheap! I was excited because it's within my affordable budget. After that I tried the palazzo pants and I bought those too... It was all under a hundred ringgit. All in all, I bought a skirt and three pants! Hehehe...

For me, Sri Munawarah provided quite good value for money because the materials used are good and wearable. Though the designs mostly caters for older ladies...(makcik2 like me, hoh? hehehe). I feel that their 'abaya' could be sold cheaper. Their range was from rm250 - 900. With that kind of money, they should at least provide a custom made experience. All in all, I think they'll keep their customers because their salesgirls are friendly and most helpful. So, thumbs up for Sri Munawarah Boutique!


Anonymous said...

murah kannns.. salammm

OOD said...

i am impressed too to find out the price of these tudungs. The fact that many spent THAT much on a headcover makes me reeeeeel in shock. If only the abu rempit knew the value, they would snatch handbags AND the tudungs too.

Ina said...

Salam yginsaf4,

Murah la kalo compared to ariani...hehehe

Dear OOD,

Thabks for dropping by...hehehe, you'll be surprised looking at the price tag! I nearly had a heart attack at Ariani's...hehehe