Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Bertandang : Day 1

Actually, Adik's bertandang ceremony is going to be held in Kota Bharu on Saturday the 20th of June. But after reading about Sg Klah Hot Spring in Xplorer's blog, I persuaded my husband to start the journey earlier...hehehe

But as usual we woke up late and after settling everything, we only started our journey at 4 pm! I drove so by 5 pm, we're in Sungkai already...hehehe. We managed to find the Hot Spring without any problem (just turn left after Sungkai toll exit) because there were a lot of signages along the way. 

The Hot Spring's located in the Felda Sg. Klah. The entrance fee was rm10 for adults and rm8 for kids over the age of 2. We managed to find the hot spring swimming pool but because time was short (it's closing time at 7 pm), we just played with the water a little bit because the kids find it too hot. After that we tried the egg boiling activity... The water was so hot, nearly a 100 degrees. The guide there said that the rocks are granite and maybe from volcanic fissures...that's why it was so hot!

After Asar prayers, we made our move towards Ipoh. By maghrib, we're in Tapah and arrived in Ipoh around 8pm. Then we 'sesat barat' all over Ipoh. We went round and round in Ipoh trying to find a suitable hotel. Finally, we found Hotel Casuarina Ipoh, it looked quite decent... and alhamdulillah, there's room for us...yeay! Now, we're resting for another long day tomorrow... So, good night!  


xplorer said...

glad that you had a good time there.There is one stall not far from sungai klah where you could eat ostrich and deer soup.You should try it sometime as it was very tasty

Syikeen Pfordten said...

No wonder tak join kitaorg kat Corus semalam....

a kl citizen said...

first time dengar/baca perkataan 'sesat barat'... hehe

sesat lain xde ke..sesat timur ke?

Ina said...

Dear Xplorer,

Will try next time, insyaallah.


Itu la pasal. Hope you guys had a nice time.


hehehe. Memang I rajin 'sesat barat'. The kids call it 'adventure with mak!'...hehehe