Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Task 5 : Dresses for the girls...

Today, I went to get the dresses for the girls, yippee! We made them way back in December, even before the engagement...hehehe

As soon as I arrived in Taman Tun, we forced the girls to try their dresses. I was so afraid that the dresses would be too small. But the funny thing was the dresses were all too big for us! Sigh... So, tomorrow we have to go to the tailor's again. Luckily, they were too big, if it's too small, then we'll have a bigger problem.

But the boys' baju melayu were perfect! Except for Amir's, of course. They do look cute in their respective baju melayu...hehehe

Sofea's dress...

She's kinda cute, huh?!!

Handsome boys!!!

The girls' dresses : From big to small!

Very sweet, huh?!!

1 comment:

Fasri said...

The boys look splendid in the full gear.. awat Amir muka mcm tak puas hati? mcm nak gaduh jer?

Sofea looks cute