Saturday, 6 June 2009

Brape dik?!! Part 2...

Yesterday, I went to pick up my husband from KLIA. When we arrived, he was still waiting for his luggage so, I decided to buy some snacks for the kids. But looking at the prices, I was a bit reluctant to buy there because everything was so expensive!

Instead I bought a can of pepsi, just to quench our thirst. When I was about to pay, the salesgirl said, "RM8, kak". Huh?!! "Brape, dik?!!". She repeated, "RM8, kak". What to do? I just paid but gave her a dirty look...hehehe

RM 8 for a can of pepsi?!! Are they crazy? I know that they have to pay for the place etc. but it was really too much! Outside, at most you have to pay rm1.30 for a can, how come the price was 'bloated' so much at the airport?!! Who's taking the advantage? If you buy in bulk, you'll probably get a can for less than RM1...sigh... I would be okay with probably RM4, at most RM5, but RM8?!!

For the second time in a week, I nearly had a heart attack while trying to buy goods. I'm just wondering about the general Malaysian public that's facing this problem of inflation. No wonder people are getting so desperate that they are turning to crimes...sigh...

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