Thursday, 2 July 2009

Dealing with Amanah Raya...

After zohor, I bundled the kids and head to Shah Alam to go to the Amanah Raya office. I was driving too fast and passed the exit to use GCE...sigh... I had a pit stop at the Sg Buloh bridge to buy lunch for the kids.

Actually I couldn't remember how to get to the place because last year my husband drove us there. I'm sure you're wondering why I have to go there. It's actually to settle my late brother's meagre possessions. We need 'something' from Amanah Raya for us to change the name on the grant of his motorcycle etc. I started the process end of last year but was stumped by the process to get the faraid certificate! Since I got the certificate a few days ago, I'd better deal with Amanah Raya before my holiday ends.

I drove towards Concorde Shah Alam and then pulled over to call the Amanah Raya main office to get the directions. Alhamdulillah, it was in section 11 and I got there without a problem. The only problem was parking, so I just parked at the curb...hehehe

When I arrived, there was a Chinese family infront of me and their problem sounded complicated. So I waited for my turn... while waiting I observed the way the officer handled the problem. He gave clear instructions plus a checklist of all the things needed (complete with how many copies etc.). He even gave a clear information if in case you do not possess the death certificate of anyone in your family, you could get it from the Jabatan Pendaftaran etc.

I was actually impressed. Normally when you deal with a government office, you'll be given the run around. The first time you come, they'll ask you to bring documents A, B and C and when you bring all those, they'll say that they also need documents D and E and it goes on and on. I've had my share of these officers...sigh

So, when it was my turn, I was also given very polite instructions and information by the Indian officer. Actually I just wanted another form to fill in because I want the application made by Mamud instead of me because the process would take up to 6 months and I won't be here in Malaysia by then. But truthfully, I salute the patience of the man. If I'm not mistaken Amanah Raya is a statutory body. 

They're going to charge me 4% of the total worth but for me it's worth it. I'll be going again next week with completed forms and let's hope that I'll get the same treatment every time.

I used the GCE on the way back and as usual, there's not many vehicles using it a.k.a stress-free driving, yeay! I dropped by at the workshop to pay for the Wira and later rushed home because Hadi needed , 'to go!'...Hehehe. That's what I call 'driving under pressure'...hehehe


a kl citizen said...

saya pun pernah ke amanah raya di shah alam... pekerja2 nya memang beradab, tahu apa yang dibuat dan sangat membantu.. walau pun proses menunggu keputusan atau nk dapat certificate tu makan masa...dlm kes saya makan masa hampir 2 tahun..

Ina said...

Dear klcitizen,

2 tahun?!! Takpe la asal dapt jugak akhirnya...sigh... Tapi yang herannya, semua pegawai lelaki pulak yang sopan2 tu, kan?

ana said...

kak mas,lama gila cuti.bile lik khartoum?ke dh x blk dah? ;p