Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Tiara Beach Resort : Day 2

The next morning, we came down around 9.30 am. I came prepared with camera this time...hehehe. I asked Aliah to bring Amir on the slide, which she did to amir's anger! He was furious with his kak long for forcing him on the slide...hehehe. We played until 11 am and prepared to check out at 12pm.
Aliah on the slide...

The kids were playing...hehehe

Aliah with Amir...

The water's very shallow...

Amir's saying 'cheese!'

Sexy butt... half white/half burnt! Hehehe

The victim of a picture-crazy mother! Hehehe

From PD, I persuaded mamud to drive to Nilai 3 because I wanted to find kids baju kurung for Petronita dances but was disappointed when I couldn't find any. The place was full of materials and other things for weddings. I was a bit melancholic when I started thinking about my late brother, Ayang. If he's still alive, I would also be busy buying things for his wedding...sigh...

Anyway, after a futile search, I gave up and we drove on. This is where the adventure begins. From Nilai 3, instead of turning right, we turned left! And 20 minutes later, we discovered that we're in the Majlis Perbandaran Kajang area?!! We saw a the green highway signboard and followed it. It led us to LEKAS highway?!! LEKAS brought us to Kajang Silk?!! 

We paid so many tolls...hehehe. Finally I could direct Mamud to use the Cheras highway and later drove through MidValley and used the Kerinchi Link to enter PLUS through Damansara toll. By then, we were famished! We stopped for brunch at Sg. Buloh and arrived in Tasik Puteri around 4 pm...sigh... What an adventure!

Husbands are given seats to relax! Good idea!

Among the signboards... Batang benar? Ada batang palsu ke? Hehehe

LEKAS??!! Not that 'fast'! Hehehe


xplorer said...

dah berkali-kali i plan nak pegi tiara beach resort tapi berkali-kali cancel.maybe nak kena pegi gak next time sebab nampak mcm fun.selain mandi kat kolam , apa lagi aktiviti yg ada kat sana?

Ina said...


Boleh cycling and apa ntah lagi, akak cuma berendam aje sebab kang berterabur la plak anak2 akak...hehehe

Aina@Azila said...

You dah betul2 jadi mamarazi hehehehe,

Enjoylah puas2 sebelum balik ke gurun yer.

just me said...

sexy amir! he..he..he..
best kan kat tiara, the only think i don't like is the bed.
next time, if you're looking for kids kurung or baju melayu, head to Nilai 1 instead. look for the shop at the last row (facing) uiam matric campus and the field. last year, we bought baju raya anak branak kat situ je, very cheap.

rozana said...

Kat Batang Benar tu le aku turun Komuter every week he..he.. Aku benci sebut nama tempat tu kat org yg jual tiket He..He.. Nasib baik pompuan yg jual.

a kl citizen said...

wah ...jauh berjalan ya